World of Warcraft Hunter Guide

The Hunter is one of the most exciting classes in the World of Warcraft and this WoW Hunter Guide will change your play style during questing or PvP matches. The Hunter is primarily a Ranger type class that thrives on their ranged fighting skills and a limited melee attack skill to mow down its enemies.

Maximum damage can be inflicted by using their ranged attack and ranged skills complemented by their beast pet that protects them from their enemies. Hunters are stalkers in the wilderness with the ability to locate their prey just like their animal friends. 17 wsm Ammo for sale  They have the ability to get in touch with nature and tame some of its fiercest beasts as dependable allies.

Hunters use their guns, bows and arrows, or crossbows to inflict great damage to their opponents from afar. Ammo or arrows are required for the hunter’s ranged weapon and enhance the DPS of their weapon. It is advised that lower DPS ammo/arrow (low-cost stuff) should be used for general attack while the higher DPS ammo/arrow (more expensive) for special kills of leader boss or monsters. There are special ammo/arrow pouches that increase attack speed and hold larger number of ammo/arrows than Hunters could otherwise carry.

This WoW Hunter Guide categorizes the hunter’s skills into three areas or trees. These are Marksmanship, Beast Mastery, and Survival. Marksmanship concentrates on dealing ranged damage, beast mastery deals with the hunter’s pet, and survival skills focuses on various melee and trap abilities. Spells in marksmanship include Auto Shot, Multi-shot, Arcane shot, Wyrven Sting, Scatter shot, and Aimed shot. Marksmanship has more advanced skills such as Hunter’s Mark and Distracting shot. These spells increase the hunter’s chance to slay its enemies easily.

Beast mastery spells involve expertise in affecting animals and beasts which will cause to enrage the hunter’s pet or scaring beasts. One of the basic spell under this tree is Eagle eye, which allows hunters to scout for enemies lurking around.

The hunter class is a perfect choice of character for a team player who wants to assist and save his allies from its enemies. This WoW Hunter Guide is a perfect guide to get acquainted with one of the exciting and finest character in the World of Warcraft.

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