What happens When I’m Cooking Ramen?


I cooked a ramen today. After i placed all the manufactured ingredients in the pot, I cracked an egg. There was a big hole on the egg, but the egg didn’t come out. The egg’s yellow core is half-solid and half-liquid, so its solidity density is relatively low; and it showed every sign of being frozen. Not knowing whether all the innards were frozen or not, I placed the egg – in a small dish – in the microwave and tried to melt the frozen part. As i was about to start the 30 seconds timer – and stop it at around 15 – she screamed at me about how I’m wasting electricity – as if she doesn’t leave the tv on constantly, while not even watching it. The only reason I didn’t crack the egg right away was because I had no idea the liquid part was frozen or not, and if it was, the shell pieces would fall in the pot. She took out the dish, cracked the egg and voila, it was only frozen a little and not entirely. Nevertheless, my reason was valid and the egg core was frozen.

Later, she mocked me and asked, “So, was the egg really frozen? “

I told her it was. Then she began screaming out and becoming violent, telling me that I’m wrong and my arguments are invalid, because we “saw” it. I felt the ramen rezept yellow core, used gravity to validate my side of the argument, told her about it, but she continued to shout at me that I’m wrong because, “we saw it”. In the end, she smashed the dish – I placed the egg in – on my left hand, where I received small cuts on my pinky, and the shattered pieces were scattered on my bed. She said I can deal with it by myself, and went to “clean up” the “mess” I made while making the ramen. The water that was condensed and stuck to the pot cover, which i left on a table, left water drops on the table. Wiping it off instantly with a towel, she began to scream at me about how I’m making such an enormous mess and how I’m useless.

I told her She’s useless, because all she does, around the house, is watch TV and read chat forums on the internet. The only time she actually does some “work” is when she gets up early, prepares breakfast and lunch – places some vegetables in a pot and ‘cooks’ rice with electric rice cooking machine -, scrounge for left over from the breakfast and leave them on the table, for dinner. Cleaning the house? We live in a small apartment, and it requires a vacuuming every once in a week. She does comparatively nothing.

She goes berserk, and started smacking me with my heavy bag – which is filled with textbooks. Then she starts screaming like a mad person, “like”? Then the other one starts going berserk, threatening to kill me, and how her life is horribly deformed because I don’t consent to every little thing that the first one say. All the blames are placed on me, and apparently, I ruined THEIR lives – so abusing me, verbally and physical, when i was a child isn’t even worth looking at.

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