Samsung UN46C6300 46-Inch LED HDTV

This Samsung LED 6300 will certainly make an elegant addition to any great room. The Ultra Slim design at just 1.2 inches deep ensures that your new Television will fit snugly in to your home multimedia entertainment system.

The ingenious LED backlighting feature ensures that your image on screen will be incredibly sharp and vivid – completely altering your TV watching experience. This Samsung TV also makes use of Samsung’s Clear Motion Plus technology that means that you won’t ever miss eclipse tv subscription out on a moment of the action, and your picture quality will be as seamless as if you were watching it in the real world!

An additional characteristic of this 46-Inch High definition tv is the Ultra Clear panel. This ensures that your TV viewing will be all the more pleasant – the majority of reflections and background light are absorbed. Because this Samsung utilizes advanced LED technology, your Tv’s power output is way less than the average.

This exceptional picture quality isn’t just restricted to watching television – it is simple to hook up your external disk drive or digital camera to look at your photographs as well as other multimedia in remarkable detail. It is equally an ideal partner for your video gaming needs with unique video game settings to further improve your gaming experience.

Together with your home wired or wireless DLNA connection, you are able to connection your Samsung 6300 to your Personal computer and stream your video and audio files simply using your remote control.


The vivid colors and Hi-def image quality are brought up again and again as being of advanced, exceptional quality. Even individuals who watched content which was not HD stated that the picture was remarkable.

Numerous users also enjoyed the trendy and contemporary look of the Television and thought it looked at home in almost any location, a much better looking TV compared to many available out there.

One more positive feature which has been mentioned upon is the user-friendly menu system, that makes it quite easy to work with.


The quality of sound has been a big disappointment to a lot of buyers who mentioned that the built-in audio speakers were inadequate, and that the actual sound came out of the rear of the television.

An additional frequent complaint with this particular Samsung is a problem with uneven backlighting, or bleeding around the perimeters of the Television screen whilst watching darker scenes. These people said that it makes bright spots on screen, and it is only improved upon if the TV is watched in a well lit room, and is a big problem when viewing Television with the lights within the room off or dimmed.

Various other owners had difficulties with the Auto Motion Plus feature, and commonly found that it made the viewing “choppy”. Other individuals just didn’t like the remote control as they thought that it was too jam packed, and hard to use.

The Samsung 6300 HDTV is most without doubt up there together with the best when it comes to vivid hues, crystal clear, sharp Hi-def Tv and all round image quality.

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