Relationship Without Drama – Does it Exist?

Going to sleep without talking with your partner, yelling at one another over a meaningless topics, moving out for a while because you are fed up, complaining about your loved one to a friend. These are all signs of a relationship that includes drama. Is it possible for an intimate relationship to exist without it?

Before drawing a conclusion, let’s consider why  Dramacool drama plays a big part in relationships. Most of us can admit at one time or another to have rocked the boat in our relationship regardless of our maturity level, sex and social status. Unless one is repressed or, at the other end of the spectrum, enlightened, it comes with the territory of being close to someone.

Drama occurs because we each bring our own emotional baggage into a relationship. Some are not little petite ones that can be easily stowed in an overhead compartment. Rather, they are big and emotionally charged with imprints of past experiences. Until we have a handle on our emotions and begin to feel deep parts of ourselves, the smallest incident can trigger a reaction.

It doesn’t take much for emotions to be triggered in an intimate relationship because we are open and exposed when we love someone. Our partner can say a minor thing, sending us over the edge in a reaction. Have you ever wondered in the middle of an argument, what started it in the first place? Why hurtful words are flying through the air, exploding like gator bombs on a minefield.

In order to decharge emotions so drama doesn’t exist in a relationship, there needs to be a way to communicate feelings. Expressing feelings can turn down the volume on the drama.


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