How Header Ads Can Help You Make Money

Are your ads working? Do know what header ads are? Are you making money with your personal header ads that you already have? I can almost be 100 percent sure that you are probably getting a horribly low click-through rate and an almost ZERO conversion rate out of those ads.

The true reality is that banner¬† local classifieds ¬†ads and link exchange programs just don’t work like they used to. Many people and affiliate marketers have picked up on them and people are starting to ignore them all together. Google and many other big shot giants tried many times to change this up and try different styles of ads and sizes which worked for a short time but is not anymore. Even if you are the best graphic designer or copywriter in the world – it still would not make one bit of difference. Most likely, your ads would still have a horrible conversion rate. Would you like to know which kind of ads people do not ignore?

As you probably already know, the header is the area at the very top of your web page. It usually has the product name,an image of the owner and a nice photo of a software to brag about. It also happens to be the very first thing most people notice when they enter your website, and it is the very first image to appear. Now, how about this. Lets say that you could take this same header area from someone else’s popular website or blog and put YOUR own ads on it? Would that be awesome? Of course it would.

Can you just imagine the kind of targeted traffic you would receive from this header ad? It is out of this world! When someone enters a website and happens to see YOUR ad on the top, chances are that they will click on the ad more than waiting until the end of the site because it is fresh in their minds and very visible. It is the same as someone else to doing all the marketing for you. All you do is sit back, drink your soda or beer and watch as the customers come to your site. It is really a phenomenal thing to witness.

Nothing! But you have been warned. As soon as the word gets out on this and thousands of other marketers start doing this, well, lets just say history repeats itself and we may be seeing another situation like I mentioned about Google in the next two years. So, get in now and get your ads rolling before it is too late. Eventually, they probably will start charging.

There are plenty of resources online that are free posting ads service providers. Even though you aren’t paying for the service, you need to get the most out of it. They offer such a benefit because they do make money from the many advertisers that put their messages on that same site.

Find out what other types of ads will be posted along with yours. This is an ethical situation and you want to have only a good impression of your business being taken away from it. When consumes view your ads lumped with others that aren’t leaving a good impression though they may automatically classify your business in the same category.

Think about what message you really want to get out there to consumers. You want the free posting ads service that is offered to be one that really benefits you. It is a good idea to try several variations of the same ad on different sites. That way you get a great idea of what is working for you and what isn’t.

The links that are part of those ads need to be working all the time. It is a good idea to test them on a regular basis. Doing so will allow you to know that they are accessible. After all, the ads don’t do you much good if people that are interested in finding out more can’t get there. They will just move on to something else and that results in potential sells that could be lost for you.

Many people have great products or services to sell, but they aren’t’ getting the information out there. Advertising doesn’t have to be expensive though, and that is part of what you will learn with free posting ads service. It is a great way to get your business recognized even if your marketing and advertising budget isn’t what you would like to see it being.

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