Different Bet Types for Golf Tournaments

Matchup Betting Okay, in this type, the sportsbooks create a matchup between two players and whoever finishes higher in the grouping by the end of the match wins. Pretty simple. Of course, there is your standard moneyline on this. A plus for the underdog and a minus for the favorite. Here’s an example:

Phil Mickelson +160 Tiger Woods -190 Just like your standard moneyline, a $100 bet on underdog Phil will yield $160 if he wins, and $190 bet on favorite Tiger will payout $100.

Betting to Win Here you have two ways to bet: a player to “win” or to “show.” When you bet on a player to win, you simply place a bet on a player who will win the tournament. Sounds like a longshot? Don’t worry, the odds usually gives you a good payout. A $100 wager on Phil might give you an $800 payout if he wins. If you bet on a player to show, all the golfer has to do is place anywhere from first to fourth or first to third (this may vary depending on the conditions listed in the sportsbooks) in the tournament rankings. This has less risk involved so the payout is much less. The books may give a three to one odds on this so a $100 bet on Tiger placing third will give you horse race malaysia a $300 payout. That’s not really bad if you think about it.

Below are the different types of bets that are placed in golf. Being aware of these types of bets will enable you to determine which ones are the best for you to do. It will also allow you to know the differences between the bets.

1.European order of merit – In this type of bet, the wager is placed on the entire golf tour of a player. You select which favorite player you want to place the bet on. This type of golf bet shall be resorted to when one has sufficient sums to spare since the wagered amount might be locked away for the whole year. It is a futures of sorts.

2.Group betting – As the name suggests, you select the group of players which are usually five in number. You wager on any one player out of those five. Then, you gain profit if your selected player is able to beat all the others in the group. If he loses to any one of them and you lose your full wager.

3.Cut betting – The bettors place their money on players who make a cut according to the bets placed on them. There are restrictions on this type of golf bet for good players. So, the bets are usually placed on the players of somewhat lesser caliber.

4.Outright method – This is the most common type of golf bet. You just place your wager on the players who are likely to win the tournament. Normally, people bet on star players who are most likely to emerge the winners. The betting is done much less on less famous names. Apart from betting on the top players, the wagers can also be placed on the places to be occupied by the players. Usually, for the first five places, it is ¼ of the odds and for the first six places, it is 1/5 of odds.

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