Advantages and Disadvantages of Hospice Care

Hospice is a place which facilitates the dying and makes their end a peaceful and a dignified process. People who work at the hospice ensure that the dying is cared for their physical disability and mental agony. All the emotional and physical needs of the patient are taken care of and even the family members are assisted through the process of dealing with death.

Hospice has suited many people but it does have its own advantages and disadvantages in the end.

The advantages of choosing a hospice is that you get professional help when you need and the patient or the dying are cared for in every way. Someone will be attending 24 hours a day and also the patient gets a lot of attention.

A hospice takes care of all the medications for the patient and also the hygiene and cleanliness of the surroundings for the patient.

A hospice can provide physical comfort and emotional hospice in westminster  help if needed for the patient in a professional manner.

The disadvantages of a hospice are as follows:

The patient or the dying may not really need the comforts of the hospice at the end and may be more comfortable with loved ones. A dying person may not want the additional comfort a hospice can provide because it is not comfort that they are looking for and the personal touch they get at home may be more beneficial for them.

From the insurance point of view hospice care that is allowed is very minimal and future diagnosis like blood work, X-rays, and other analysis is seldom allowed. Many medications are also restricted and as the hospice is paid a per day charge most of them are skipped. Hospice strictly as per definition is to provide care for the dying in the books of insurance companies.

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