The Solution

Leaning over, Jessica opened a file cabinet by her feet and slide in the papers she just finished reading. She was behind her sales quota for the third week in a row. It wasn't that she wasn't trying, it just seemed more people were choosing full-coverage auto insurance. When she first started, the economy had been wavering and money was tight all around the nation. With temporary insurance  people were able to pay for it when they used it. Now things have changed and unemployment rates are dropping as consumers spending rose. The only problem is people were spending more money on more comprehensive insurance programs.

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Jessica drove home from work and stopped off at the local pizza shop to avoid having to cook dinner. Although the amount of praise and thank you's she received for not cooking always annoyed her a little. The smell of the pizza helped reduce the stress of her job as she allowed herself to indulge in some cheesy pop tunes. Before she knew it she had pulled into her garage.

Screams of joy erupted at the sight of pizza as Jessica walked indoors. Her family quickly devoured their meal and Jessica went upstairs to shower and finish up a few documents for tomorrow. She threw on a robe and sat down at her computer. After milling about the internet for a bit, she started in on the new policy orders. The words she typed began to blur and head bobbed back and forth. She slumped forward and hit her head on the keyboard. Startled, she popped up and looked out upon the vast expanse laid out before her. Rubbing her head she takes a step forward and tumbles down a long corridor illuminated by sequenced lights.

Jessica woke up on a tile floor surrounded by endless white and shelves of empty boxes. From behind her gun shots rung out. Jessica dove behind a shelving unit and peaked out towards the firing. A pink haired women leaps through the air landing on a seven story robot's head. She runs and slides into his ear firing blindly as she exits from the other side. The massive robot tumbled forward as the women shot a hook into the ceiling, swinging down and landing inches from Jessica. The robot lands on the ground crushing several aisles of empty boxes. The head disconnects and rolls over towards the women and Jessica.

From inside the detached robot a spunky voice calls out. “Hey Erin, nice shooting.” Erin steps forward and reaches into the robot pulling out a women dressed in all white with a blue bandana in her hair. The women in white dust herself off and walks over to Jessica who sits staring vacantly into space. “Hi.” She says, “I'm Flo, you must Jessica. It's nice to meet you.” Jessica looks up at the two women standing over her and ask, “What am I doing, here.” Erin and Flo take one look at each other and in unison say, “We're here to help. You need to design a female spokesperson to help your sales. Preferably a sassy minx or a lady of refined taste. We kinda of have the secret agent and spunky girl market cornered. If you create it, they will come.”

Jessica felt a tap on her shoulder and turned around to find her kid poking her with a toy wand. “Mommy” she asked, “What's for breakfast?”

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